Rasputin #1 Review

Posted October 29, 2014 by Adrienne Crean in Comic Books

Written by: Alex Grecian

Art by: Riley Rossmo

Publisher: Image

When I was a wee little nerdist running around with a Han Solo action figure, and digging for fossils in my backyard, I remember one of my most watched movies was FOX’s Anastasia. This known film also started my love for history. I did as much research as a young girl could do (without internet, mind you) and told my parents everything I learned (even though I’m sure they had no interest). Having the opportunity to review Rasputin #1 brought back all of those memories, however, this issue feeds my interest of this history/myth in a very adult way.

Issue #1 begins with a grown Rasputin, and the impression is given that we are near the end of his wayward life. He speaks to himself in his head that his loved ones, surrounding him, will be the ones to end him. We notice a few men, a maid, and oddly enough a huge, lumber jack of a man, in spirit form. Grecian then throws us back in time to where Rasputin was a young boy. We witness abuse from his father (who is the huge, lumber jack of a man) and a loving relationship between Rasputin and his Mother.

There has always been stories that Rasputin had healing abilities, and interestingly enough, Grecian touches on this. When his Mother either dies, or is close to death, by his Father, Rasputin takes the first opportunity to heal her. Rossmo does a fantastic job of explaining with art how the procedure happens with red lighlights, showing where the injuries have taken place.

Rasputin #1 did not have a ton of dialogue, but instead, many “snap scenes”. Rossmo’s art told the story when it came down to it. Normally this would have driven me crazy, however, I thoroughly enjoyed this comic. Grecian seems to be making sure to take the story slow, giving you explicit detail to the life of Rasputin. I didn’t find it boring, or dragging, it was a chapter of Rasputin’s life, that I am completely excited to continue reading.

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