Regular Show Vol 1: Hydration OGN Review

Posted September 12, 2014 by Kierra Prince in Comic Books

Written By: Rachel Connor

Art By: Tessa Stone

Publisher: Boom! Studios

If you consider yourself a fan of Regular Show at all then don’t even bother reading this review. Just rush out to your comic book store and buy this immediately. It’s that good.

Regular Show: Hydration has a pretty simple premise that, in classic Regular Show fashion, gets upgraded in the most ridiculous of ways. The story opens with Rigby and Mordecai  hanging out on an absurdly hot day. Rigby in particular is poorly affected by the heat and decides that he’s going to cool down by any means necessary. With the help of Mordecai, they end up trying a bunch of different things to no avail. Rigby ends up wishing on a shooting star and the next day there’s a neat water park in their yard that Benson has already found a way to profit off of. Well, until it turns into an evil water slide hydra monster. It’s a great progression of events that perfectly fit the show in terms of going from the ordinary to the extreme and the fights against the monster are some of the best throughout the whole series.

Writer Rachel Connor is no stranger to Cartoon Network cartoons as she has previously written two seasons of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. There’s a ton of references to the Regular Show cartoon that will delight fans and at times it feels almost like a “best of” due to how much is packed within. The Baby Ducks make an appearance, a very special hat makes an appearance, and the whole cast of characters show up to lend themselves to the story. Connor really understand the characters and universe and its wonderful being able to see that translate so well to another medium.

There’s been a few Regular Show comics but this is the first one that could be called a graphic novel and I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous over how well a longer comic would be. Writers of shows, by all means, have the difficulty of writing full seasons but Regular Show operates on the 11 minute episode spectrum which means that most of its story lines are short and sweet. Hydration has no struggles with keeping up the humor over 162 pages and it somehow gets funnier and funnier as it goes on. I will say that I’d definitely aim this at teens and an older audience as there’s a few jokes that hint towards stuff Regular-Show-OGN-PRESS-9-e840bnot entirely appropriate for children and there’s jokes about stuff like a nerdy group of monster movie ultra-fans that’ll probably go over the heads of younger kids. I wouldn’t say that there’s anything to really object to as a parent, and the humor is exactly like the shows, but some parents may not feel comfortable giving this to a younger child when there’s jokes like Rigby laughing uncontrollably at the word “herpetologist”.

Tessa Stone has great colorful art and its, as always, a delight. She’s also worked on the other Regular Show comics as well as the Adventure Time comics and her body of work proves that she’s one of the better cartoon artists out there right now. Colors are bright and cheerful, there’s a great attention to detail, and fight scenes are amazingly done. In fact, Stone’s artwork in here is almost exactly like the show’s only more colorful and brighter as the show tends to be a little muted in that regard. Stone also does a really great job with 8-bit artwork during the few video game panels we see and classic gaming fans will certainly appreciate the nice jokes about old games that Connor and Stone pull of hilariously (lava levels is all I’m going to say).

Regular Show: Hydration was a great comic for anyone who calls themselves a Regular Show fan and the target audience in fact seemed to be for us young adults who are old enough to get some Kaiju jokes but still young enough to appreciate a good herpetologist joke. The longer length was even perfect because it allowed a really, really strong story and enough jokes and references that die hard fans of Regular Show will enjoy finding and laughing about. If Connor and Stone team up again, sign me up for whatever it is that they’re doing. This was a most eggscellent comic and worth every bit of money.

Edit: Earlier I incorrectly attributed Connor as one of the writers for the Regular Show cartoon. That was incorrect and while Connor does have experience writing for Cartoon Network, she has never worked on the Regular Show cartoon. My apologies to Connor and Cartoon Network for the reporting of false information.

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