Satellite Falling #2 Review

Written by: Steve Horton

Art by: Stephen Thompson

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Satellite Falling #2 continues right where the first one left off. Lily is in the middle of a mission gone wrong and must make her escape. I was not a big fan of Satellite Falling #1 and not much happens in this issue to change that. My biggest complaint last time was how boring of a main character Lily is and this time author Steve Horton really hammers it in that he has no plans to change that.

Almost every character in this comic reminds us how awesome and selfless of a person Lily is. From the bad guy in the beginning making fun of Lily for being the kind of person that frees slaves, to a little slave girl taking time in between a chase to mention how nice Lily is for not QpV5wfmurdering the man who enslaved her because he was unarmed. It all feels out of place and extremely forced. Almost everything the little girl in this issue says does not sound realistic at all. She only exits so she can further tell the reader about how we should all think Lily is an amazing person. This really does not help Lily’s characterization.

My other complaint last time was how clichéd the plot was and while there’s a surprising twist changing things up, there’s not really much plot in this issue to talk about. Most of the issue is just a chase scene that fans of Star Wars will feel right at home with. Thompson’s art helps make the chase scene exciting and fun to read through. Art continues to be the saving grace for this series. Satellite is as fun and beautiful of a place as ever.

Satellite Falling is a book with an intriguing premise and great art, but the writing and the boring main character continue to bring it down to mediocre status.