Silver Surfer #7 Review

Written by: Dan Slott

Art by: Michael Allred

Publisher: Marvel

You ever watch a TV show and come across a “clip-show” episode? That’s what this issue of Silver Surfer feels like, as the Surfer and Toomie reflect on their adventures with Dawn Greenwood. Thankfully, Slott and Allred use this issue to demonstrate the fun of the series and show what makes it so great.

I’ve personally loved this series so far, mostly due to the heavy Doctor Who influence working perfectly with this series. Each issue is full of fun, adventure and loveable characters and this is very much on display in this issue. Slott packs this issue with ridiculously crazy scenarios which showcase a great imagination and demonstrate the kind of hijinks that make me love this series. My only major gripe with this model is that towards the end the story begins to get a bit repetitive and I was hoping we could get back to solving the main conflict.

What helps carry the issue when it starts to get repetitive is the great characterisation present. It really says something when even Silver Surfer’s board manages to have a character in and of itself. I already mentioned the Doctor Who connection, and nowhere is it more present than in Dawn and the Surfer’s interaction. Dawn would make the perfect companion for the show as a fun loving traveling companion who manages to provide a human link for the reader to the very alien Surfer. It’s a fun dynamic that gives the issue a real heart and keeps things light and enjoyable.

The Allreds are the perfect art team for this book. This is a drastic change of style from the other marvel cosmic books out there and looks absolutely spectacular. The series likes to pride itself on crazy, insane sights and events so it’s great that we get an equally bizarre art style to fit the tone. Slott even allows Allred the chance to be creative in a few segments with some inventive layout choices (including a maze game at one point) which further demonstrates his creative talent.

Overall, while the pacing of this issue was a little stranger than the previous issues, it managed to perfectly encapsulate what makes this series so fun. Slott and the Allreds are working perfectly in sync on this series and have maintained a high of quality since the first issue. This series is just pure fun and easily accessible to new readers, I highly recommend jumping in!