Spider-Gwen #25 Review

Posted October 20, 2017 by Kyle Simcox in Comic Books

Written By: Jason Latour

Art by: Robbi Rodriguez

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The moment is finally here! Gwen Stacy–a.k.a the Spider-Woman of Earth-65–has finally bonded to her universes Venom symbiote. Is it as exciting for you as it was for me?

This has been a long time coming for me, from the moment Jason Latour announced it, to all the new information coming out about Marvel Legacy. When issue #24 of Spider-Gwen ended and Gwen Stacy had bonded with her symbiote, I could not contain how excited I was. However, the time has come, and with issue #25, I can say I’m at least a little disappointed. It doesn’t live up the hype I had built for myself.

Issue #25 opens up with Frank Castle, a figure we haven’t seen since after he began his crusade against Spider-Woman in issue #3. It seems as though Frank is beginning to see her in a different. He is still showing doubts about her as a symbol of heroism, but its obvious from his attitude he’s pulled back a bit, and even though we see him later on observing her from a far, he isn’t watching Gwen.

This is what makes the issue shine. Gwen has been in the spotlight with each issue, and even though we see her throughout in her search for the Rhino, its her friends and family who seem to be rallying now. We catch a glimpse of The Mary Janes as they comb the city, handing out missing person fliers. Mary Jane, who made the connection that Gwen is Spider-Woman, also comes to her defense on the matter. The Parker’s also make a quick appearance, and it seems they too may possibly know of Gwen’s alter-ego.

Back to Gwen though as she cuts a path through New York, terrorizing any villain who may know the whereabouts of the Rhino. One thing I love about this issue is that it introduces another ridiculous villain. Where we had the Bodega Bandit, we now have a Fancy Dan. This dude who wields a lasso. Like, why she even thinks this guy would know where the Rhino is is beyond me. But hey, it’s always good to have a ridiculous villain who exists solely for humor. Whether or not we see him again remains to be seen as his fate is left…up in the air so to speak.

On an emotional level, we see more of the symbiote’s influence over Gwen. What it wants her to do, what its pushing her towards. Gwen is resisting the temptations brought on by the symbiote, but we don’t know how long that will last given the way she leaves things with Fancy Dan and what she was going to do to the Rhino if not for Frank Castle’s interference.

Gwen has been working with some serious emotional issues since she first appeared in Edge of the Spiderverse #2. From the death of Peter Parker, to Harry joining shield and eventually becoming the lizard and her father’s current condition, her symbiote costume design reflects these issues wonderfully. Instead of a drooling beast or simple spider costume palette swap, the hood hides a bit of her face, like a scared kid hiding behind her bangs. Extending from the hood is a long tongue like a scarf across her body spotted with the occasional fang. It’s a little bit dark and brooding and a little bit punk rock, which would fit in very well with a teenage drummer’s wardrobe.

While it is light on action, Spider-Gwen #25 does a good job at showing the emotional fallout of Gwen’s new status with the symbiote. We don’t see much of what the symbiote is doing to her emotionally, but it’s only a matter of time before the damn breaks. Gwen may end up doing something she can’t come back from. We can only hope that her friends help save Gwen from herself in time.

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