Star Trek/Green Lantern The Spectrum War #2 Review

Written by: Mike Johnson

Art by: Angel Hernandez

Published by: IDW

Now this is more like it! The first issue of The Spectrum War was a fun debut, but I was disappointed by the fact that it was mostly set-up. This issue features a lot more action and begins to properly capitalize on the potential between these two titanic sized sci-fi franchises. Ensuring that it makes itself a must buy for fans of the franchises.

This issue’s story moves at a much faster pace than the last, taking greater advantage of the crossover’s potential and balancing out the role of both franchises far better than the first. We see The Enterprise crew members come to terms with their power rings, while Hal Jordan gets into a fight with a yellow ring wearing Klingon. It’s just as cool as it sounds.

This faster paced opening is just what the series needed after the slow first issue and makes it a lot of fun to read. There is still set-up for future villains down the line as we see what happened to the red and orange rings. But these scenes fit pretty well into the story, and despite cutting away from the main action, it doesn’t derail the flow of the story and is balanced evenly. The sub plot helps keep the story varied, rather than just feeling like a long action scene.

The ending also reveals yet another villain, this time from the Green Lantern franchise. The new villain greatly excited me and once again ensures Johnson is using the full tools at his disposal to tap into the potential of this crossover. I worry slightly about how he’s going to balance what is now four villains in an ark that only has four issues left, especially when this issue feels rather short.

Really the only other thing I disliked about this issue was an odd storytelling choice that Hal can “feel” when the rings find bearers. I understand from a story telling perspective Hal needs to keep track of who has what rings, but I’ve never really seen anything like this in other Green Lantern comics. It felt a little out of character. Other than this, the issue manages to be a ton of fun and a step ahead of the first.

The art also improves greatly since the first issue. While I was a fan of Hernandez work in issue one, I was slightly off-put by the photo realism of The Enterprise crew and felt it looked a little stiff and uncanny. He seems to have really found his groove in the second issue however, especially when it comes to huge space battles. There’s a very big, cinematic quality to all the action happening, fitting given the level of the two franchises in play. He manages to make it all very engrossing and really sucks you into the story from the word go.

The costumes of the enterprise crew who attain rings also manage to look very stylish and cool. It would’ve been easy for them to look cringe worthy or out of place, however Hernadez gives them a very sleek, simple style that works excellently and makes both franchises look natural standing side by side (and Hal and Kirk standing side by side looks so incredibly cool). Overall Hernadez really nails the art in this issue, making both franchises feel like a natural fit for one another.

I’m really pleased by how much The Spectrum War steps up in terms of quality. Issue one featured some good set-up and showcased a lot of potential, and issue two takes that potential and runs full steam ahead ensuring lots of fan pleasing moments that should get people’s pulses running. If the series can continue this upward trend in the rest of its issues then this will really be a crossover to remember.