Storm #7 Review

Posted January 9, 2015 by Kierra Prince in Comic Books

Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: Al Barrionuevo

Publisher: Marvel

I feel like this is the issue I’ve been waiting for. While the last 2 issues of Storm introduced what seemed to be a larger story, it was still fairly up in the air as there had previously been a ton of small one-shot problems that we saw Storm encounter and more or less solve. And while I loved the heavy emotion of earlier issues, especially once Wolverine died, I ultimately knew that the comic couldn’t survive on raw emotion for a whole run and needed to introduce some big problems fast. Greg Pak has thankfully, and finally, given us some semblance of an actual arc.

Readers of the series will know that most of the problems lately have stemmed from Yukio’s involvement with a shady underground crime ring. Storm #6 introduced to us the idea that the government might be hiding something and Storm was in their way. This issue bridges them together and gives us nicely woven web of corruption that threatens not just Storm and the mutants, but mankind as well.

Soon after Storm is captured of government officials, we get treated to a couple nice panels in which Beast, Nightcrawler, and Rachel Grey communicate with Storm as she lays unconscious in FBI custody. I love the small cameos that various mutants have been making and this time they help relay some important information to Storm regarding who possibly attacked her and the senator. Not only that, they let her know that there’s currently an entire protest at the facility of people demanding her release. Which is where the story begins to take a turn for the complex and interesting.

While the problem at hand has some very cool leads that are sure to play out as a much larger problem than it first appears to be, Storm #7 sets a stage for some themes that are going to shake up the series and also are interesting when framed in regards to Storm and her character. Storm has always been known as this kind of “lawful good” character who always does what’s right, always looks out for the people, and always operates under the law. Yet as we see her break free and escape the FBI, it becomes apparent that Storm has decided that she’s done operating under bogus guidelines that are hampering justice. Storm is going rogue.

Storm has also been severely injured which means that we’re sure to have a pretty strong next few issues. Storm is not only beat physically, she’s also emotionally drained. Storm is also being constantly hunted by the government what with her being considered a large threat and a fugitive and all. And Storm becomes adamant about not receiving any help from any of the X-Men or other mutants because she fears backlash against the school which may harm the children. It’s an interesting role to see Storm in and I’m all for it.

One of the other large issues I’ve had with this series is the ever-changing art. Al Barrionuevo’s art is bad or anything but after quite a few issues of art by Victor Ibañez, which is by far the strongest of the series and overall some of the best in the comic medium, it gets really hard to shift over to someone else who has weaker art. Barrionuevo does treat us to some really great action shots, however, especially in the last few pages. Ibañez is supposed to be back for some future issues but at this point I’d honestly just like to see some normalcy come to the art of Storm.

With constantly shifting art and a narrative that hasn’t been the strongest, Storm has been a series that I’ve enjoyed but have seen a ton of fault with as well. As someone who loves Storm and enjoys heavy character interaction, I haven’t minded previous issues too much but could fully understand people’s frustration with a series that kept drawing out an actual plot. And the fact that it took about 7 issues to actually get somewhere is frustrating.

Storm #7 is probably the strongest issue when it comes to narrative and I’d actually argue that people could treat this as issue #1. Not much important stuff has happened in previous issues and even all the business with Yukio is rehashed pretty well that people who haven’t read any of Storm won’t be too confused as it basically gets boiled down to “I helped this person take power and now this bad man involved might be after me”. Storm #7 is a great issue because it finally has given us what we’ve wanted, but only time will tell in regards to if we actually have a solid story or if Storm is going to be tossed around plot lines the same way the series has tossed around artists.

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