Super Sons #13 Review

Posted February 27, 2018 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi

Art by: Carlo Barberi

Published by: DC Comics

I am writing this review after finding out that we only have three more issues of this series before it ends in May of 2018, at least in this iteration.

Jon finally finds out a little about Damian’s dark history. The question is: How he is going to cope with this discovery?

Tomasi continues the stellar development of relationship between Damian and Jon with this additional wrench that is thrown in–and not so subtly. But Tomasi, as he did in his previous storylines,  is very aptly able to balance the action and relationships between the characters.

If this is to be one of the last arcs, it does seem fitting it is going to test their relationship to the limit, and when and if the series makes a resurgence (Please DC do not call your new #1’s this it’s terrible) their relationship will have grown due to this storyline.

Carlo Barberi takes the art reigns in this particular arc, and his art is very serviceable. The range of emotions that are conveyed by the characters is well served by Barberi’s dynamic and intricate style, and as I mention in lot of my reviews, one of the most important aspects of art for me is always the eyes. He manages to show confusion and fear and excitement well through this window to the soul, and it serves the book well.

Super Sons #13 is a good beginning of the, showing that a book can be darker without losing its sense of humor. This book needs to come back as it was the breath of fresh air in the comic book industry and as in every review for this series (DC: This is supposed to be a cartoon, you are aware of this right? Thank you!). Pick this series up, you will not regret it!

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