Super Sons #14 Review

Posted March 21, 2018 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi

Art by: Carlo Barberi

Published by DC Comics

This issue cements Super Sons as a true all ages book. It is extremely enjoyable for adults and kids alike!

Tomasi continues to focus on the relationship between Damian and Jon over any threat or villain. This particular arc makes things a little more personal, though the core remains the same.  Jon reacts here mostly as Superman would after finding out Damian’s true nature and their unbreakable bond is on display in this issue.

The friendship between them reaches the new levels of acceptance, but above that, understanding. Jon and Damian are becoming the brothers they never had (or wanted, if you ask Damian).  Their back and forth was the forefront of Super Sons, and the series’ main appeal.

The fact that Tomasi is able to make their relationship feel so natural speaks volumes about his writing style but also his ability to relate to these characters. It would have been easy to write a bombastic kid’s book, but Super Sons is more than that. Tomasi’s writing made the book into a personal experience, putting the reader into the main characters’ shoes.

Carlo Barberi’s art is able to illustrate all of this very well and is a fantastic fit for the book. It’s not Jimenez levels of great, but everything works and the fight scenes are handled especially well. What Barberi does really well is convey the humor Tomasi wrote into this book. Every quip and joke works and lands right where it should.

Super Sons has been one of the many bright spots of the Rebirth line and the fact that is ending is unfortunate. This issue is packed with just as much emotion, humor and action as the rest of the series. If DC were smart, they use Super Sons as the basis for a new cartoon. If you haven’t given this series a read, now it’s a good time knowing it is a finite number to it and if it ever comes back, you will know what to expect!

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