Super Sons #2 Review

Posted March 15, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi

Art by: Jorge Jimenez

Publisher: DC Comics

Super Sons, after the really fun introductory issue gets into focus here!

This issue acts as a direct continuation of issue #1, as Jon finally finds out why Damian has dragged him out of bed for this adventure. Jon’s reaction to the events in this book are priceless. The reader can actually see that he’s just a kid that wanted to have a normal life, and did not really see much action before this.

This issue is expertly written by Peter Tomasi, and he has once more proven that he truly does understand these characters. One can’t really tell which one Tomasi has more fun writing. Damian continues to be Damian, a manipulative punk, that has now caught Jon in his web of disobedience. It’s clear here that Damian is just using Jon. What Tomasi does so well is the interaction between the titular characters, with lots of little jabs thrown by both of them. Jon really just wanted to have some fun, and Damian had a singular goal in mind, as per usual.

What did surprise me is that we are introduced to the villain for the first arc. That introduction was far darker than I expected, especially in context. I really appreciate how Tomasi well has played that off. Jon’s reaction especially is very well executed.

Tomasi is joined by Jorge Jimenez, whose art continues to be a perfect fit for this book. His youthful and clean style fits the book quite well. Whenever they are interactions between Jon and Damian, the subtleties are captured fully. The art serves to add depth and meaning to the interactions between them. Jimenez’ art is playful and colorful, which could certainly attract younger readers as well.

This book seems like it has thrown growing pains out of the window completely, and in the second issue it already has a clear direction. It is going to be interesting to see where the conflict between Jon and Damian is going to take us. But what makes this book really fun is the fact that it’s not going to be solely adversity between them. It is shown here that Damian really wants Jon to be his friend, however he would never say that. That alone creates some awkwardness between them, which is hilarious.

Overall Super Sons is turning into one of the most fun books in a long time, and everyone that wants humor, well written characters and action, should check this book out!

Super Sons #2

Super Sons #2


Final Score

8.4 /10


  • Fun Dynamic between Jon and Damian
  • Fantastic art and writing
  • Jon still being portrayed as a kid
  • Damian still being a little jerk
  • Possible interesting villain


  • Damian sometimes comes off more overpowered
  • few panels might be too dark for younger readers.

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