Superman #19 Review

Posted March 15, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Art by: Patrick Gleason

Publisher: DC Comics

Chapter three of four of Superman Reborn is here and with it, additional answers are given to an audience about the Rebirth mystery. That alone makes this issue a must read.

Tomasi and Gleason continue to create a unique and also a consistent look at Superman with this series. This series is interesting because it is a direct continuation of Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks’ Lois and Clark storyline. Superman here is confronted by one of his oldest villains, that was revealed back in Superman #18, and he is to solve a puzzle if his life is to be complete again. Tomasi and Gleason manage to bring tension to yet another issue of Superman.

Other than writing this chapter, Gleason offers his skills to the art department as well. This particular issue has some very unique visual qualities, especially with the use of shadows, making sure that the environment becomes a character in its own right. Gleason’s ability to portray action scenes is unmatched in this issue, especially with some of the foes being the aforementioned environment. What Gleason and Tomasi managed to do with these three issues of Superman Reborn is undo the damage that was done in the New 52 era, both in the art and writing departments.

Without spoiling too much this is one of the most interesting Superman villains, who always knows how to play on Superman’s emotions. Superman now has a family, and it’s not just him trying to save Lois, but protect his son Jon as well.  Superman’s emotional state is at stake here, and Gleason’s style is perfect to convey the range of emotions Superman has to endure through this test of wills.

This alone is why Superman Reborn is one of the better runs on Superman in recent memory. We haven’t had a run like this on Superman since Man of Tomorrow, or Grant Morisson’s and Frank Quietly’s All Star. This continues to be one of the best books in the Rebirth line, and it looks like it’s only going to get better, as the mystery behind Rebirth continues to come to light.

For anyone that was disappointed by Superman runs of years past, be at ease. This book brings everything that made the Man of Steel the beloved character he has been through all of these decades: it’s hopeful, action packed and tender all at the same time. Everyone is able to find something to like in this book. And that is probably one of the biggest reasons this particular run has been so successful – at the end of the day it’s a genuine family story.

Superman #19

Superman #19


Final Score

8.8 /10


  • Great adversary
  • Superman's mind explored
  • Fantastic art


  • Rebirth mystery figure absent

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