Superman #32 Review

Posted October 9, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: James Bonny

Art by: Tyler Kirkham

Published by: DC Comics

Superman vs DeathStroke Round 2!

This interlude two chapter storyline in Superman has been somewhat lackluster. Last issue’s cliffhanger was poor, and retelling it in this issue is an utterly useless waste of space. There’s simply no tension.

Unfortunately, this chapter has a plethora of other problems. Everyone other than Lois and Jon seem out of a character, a few panels aside. Clark suddenly becoming overprotective is the worst offendor. Deathstroke is poorly handled as well, and his  development since the events of Lazarus Contract seem to have evaporated.

A slight tease toward the end of the book which revealing who Deathstroke was working for makes for a nice moment. That aside, this arc has felt like little more than filler.

Tyler Kirkham adds his skills to a Superman book and is one of the only good things these two issue had to offer. His dynamic art and portrayal of action sequences between Deathstroke and Superman are excellent. The grit being exuded, especially in their standoff, makes for an issue that is fantastic to look at. It’s an electric fight, in spite of the rest of the issue.

This book certainly lacks the gravitas that Gleason and Tomasi brought to Superman during the early stages of their run. In contrast, this feels more like New 52 Superman, and that is not a good thing. However, with this issue finally being over it does look like Gleason might be coming back to the book soon and then we can bring it back to form. These two issues are skippable.

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