Superman #33 Review

Posted October 18, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Art by: Doug Manhke

Published by: DC Comics

The dynamic duo of Tomasi and Gleason are back on Superman! And fans are better off for it!

Big Blue is finally back in the capable hands he deserves. Their touch and their dynamic was sorely missed in the previous several chapters as different writers attempted to put their stamp on Superman. There were moments when those issues worked, but the Tomasi/Gleason dynamic was sorely missing. Superman is back to his old Rebirth stomping grounds, looking at the relationship between the Super Family, which was what drew so many in when this book started.

This particular issue deals with return of Apokolips and it’ll be really interesting to see how this art team handles the New Gods and their worlds. Their attention to detail is what makes them one of the best Superman writers in recent memory. There is also a decent amount of action here for those that are mostly into that when they read superhero books. It also serves a great setup for a new story line that could have some our favorite rogues and possibly even create a very interesting status quo going forward.

Doug Manhke returns as well to contribute in the art department. His art was missed, as he truly brings the uniformity back that we learnt to expect from this book. The action that Manhke portrays between Jon Clark and the Lex Bots is amazing, and his shading skills are great. Even the smallest details of the bots themselves can be seen flying away.

Overall, Superman 33 is a return to form and even though there is quite a bit of exposition at the beginning of the chapter, it certainly evens out toward the middle and especially toward the end. This is truly a book I can recommend, and it is nice to see Superman in good hands again!


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