Teen Titans #10 Review

Posted July 27, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Ben Percy

Art by: Khoi Pham and Pop Mhan

Published by: DC Comics

The Teen Titans get into focus as we find out about Aqualad’s parentage!

Teen Titans #10 is one of the stronger issues since #6 when Aqualad was first introduced, as it truly focuses on him and what brings him to light. Where the first issue with him dealt with his origin story, this one expands on it by showing us exactly why the character lives the way that he does. Teen Titans is at its strongest when it gives us these character study chapters as, ultimately, they show us why these teens work so well as a team.

Benjamin Percy  concentrates on the story of Aqualad and expands on his mythology that was originally started toward the end of The New 52 Aquaman run, when Jackson Hyde was originally introduced. This Jackson Hyde however is very reminiscent of the Young Justice version, and it is clear they have drawn quite a bit from those stories to expand on his character. It is a very concise story that knows what the goal is and does it well, even though most of the other Titans get left behind to play supporting roles.

The art in this issue is split between two artists, Khoi Pham, who was on the book since issue #3,  and then later Pop Mhan comes in at around page #16. The book suffers from this a bit, not that Pop Mhan is a bad artist–far from it–however, the lack of consistency is noticeable. I’m never a fan of a single artist not finishing a book, and it is very evident why in this particular issue.

Mhan has a very unique style when he does his own titles; however, here he tries to emulate Pham’s art, and its actually more distracting than helpful. The sudden change of artists happens in a crucial moment in the story where everything comes to a head.

Teen Titans is still not able to recapture some of the shine it lost since its beginning run; however, it is still an enjoyable book, even with its faults. It is more focused than The New 52 run, even though some art consistency would be appreciated. If you are a fan of Teen Titans, this is a fun read but not a must-have story in pantheon of great Titans titles of the past.

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