Teen Titans #12 Review

Posted September 15, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Benjamin Percy

Art by: Mirka Andolfo

Published by: DC Comics

To say I did not see this coming would be an understatement. The Metal storyline is certainly turning into an interesting detour for the DC universe.

Benjamin Percy with Mirka Andolfo add a unique twist to not just the Metal story but also the Teen Titans dynamic. The twist works somewhat, but the disheartening thing here was that everyone but Damian is once again put on the sidelines as he investigates the mystery of the Riddler’s labyrinth. There are some very interesting an unexpected team ups here, and they are fun to see, but the fact that the Titans are in the book for all but four or five pages is a shame.

At least the story itself is serviceable, even if it does feel like a video game sort of, with Riddler being a mid-boss.

Damian continues his quips here and his “new team” does not appreciate them at all. It is unfortunate as we did see Damian grow quite a bit from his early days in the DC universe, and this just feels like a bit of a step back for the character. Sometimes characters are meant to bounce personalities off of each other and it seems like Harley Quinn is not the best team mate for Damian; not that she is a good team mate for anyone!

Mirka Andolfo’s art here is great a bright spot in this issue. There are some fantastic panels here, especially when they show one of the dark Batmen and his Robins. It’s a shame the Titans don’t get into a fight with them. Andolfo is able to give Riddler’s labyrinth quite a bit of personality as well, which is refreshing because otherwise, it could have been a single-tone issue.

Teen Titans Metal Tie in certainly had quite a bit of potential, which feels almost squandered because of lack of the team that we all expected to see and instead it became a Gotham Sirens or Suicide Squad book. It would have been quite better to see how someone as sunny as Starfire or emotionally damaged as Raven would have been to deal with these new images, but unfortunately, we get none of that.

This was one of the Tie In’s I was hoping for the best because, as I mentioned, it had potential to give us something different. Instead, it looks like we are going to get same team ups throughout these Tie In’s.

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