Teen Titans #18 Review

Posted March 30, 2018 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by:  Benjamin Percy

Art by: Scot Eaton

Published by: DC Comics

Teen Titans finishes it’s current iteration with an interesting story about bullying and exclusion.

Percy tells this story through the eyes of Beast Boy who is a bit of an outsider when compared to the rest of the team. From his upbringing to his demeanor, Gar is different, and Percy manages to tap into that: His struggle to belong is well on display here.

Percy does give us a relatively lackluster villain,  and even though there are some parallels between her and Beast Boy in this issue, it comes off as a set of circumstantial events that have fallen into place. There is no particular build up, and there are a lot of the usual tropes being used that we have seen in other Teen Titans and Titans villains.

One of the cool things that Percy did here though is a quick recap of Beast Boy’s origins and tying the importance of family, and hopefully that gets explored in this next issue.

Scot Eaton’s art  is serviceable, especially in the mentioned flashback sequences. We do have a bit of a fight scene toward the end, and Beast Boy’s transformations are handled well; however, they never add to the gravitas that some of the previous artists managed to do in the past.

Teen Titans is slowly going to the reimagining, and it does look like we are going to get a brand new creative team again. As a storyline to end a run, this one does seem  more filler than a true ending, at least in this issue. The fraction of the team is certainly seen but not completely felt throughout. Hopefully we get back to the bright times of Teen Titans we had with Wolfman and Perez or Geoff Johns run soon!

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