Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode 3 Review

Posted August 28, 2017 by Kyle Simcox in Video Games

Developer: Telltale

Publisher: Telltale

Release Date: August 22, 2017

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

In their attempts to get to the source of whoever was calling Peter through his memories, the Guardians traveled to an ancient temple and upon entering the temple at the end of Episode 2, a flash of light consumes Star-Lord and Gamora just before the credits role. This is where Episode 3: More Than A Feeling kicks off as Star-Lord experiences another memory of his Mother and discovers the identity of the one manipulating his memories.

One thing I have thoroughly enjoyed about Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy is that it really puts a lot of time and effort into the past of the other Guardians. Just like how the Eternity Forge gave us a look into Rocket’s history and his reason for using the Eternity Forge, we get to see what exactly lead up to the divide between Gamora and her sister Nebula this time around. Unlike Rocket’s past however, we’re offered two sides to the story and use it to make a very important choice later on. We also get a small glimpse of Thanos as well, who still manages to be an imposing figure even in a flashback. Gamora’s past doesn’t pack the same emotional punch as Rocket’s did yet these scenes still manage to be the highlights of Episode 3 because the rest of the episode manages to be rather slow and uneventful.

Best not to get between these sisters Quill…..

If you’re a fan of the comics and movies, then a familiar face also arrives to aid the Guardians in their quest but it really just highlights my initial issue with Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy. As much as I enjoy the game, it just doesn’t feel unique like Batman or The Wolf Among Us or most of the other Telltale games for that matter. It mirrors Marvel’s Cinematic universe far too closely and I really just feel like I’m playing a spin-off of a film-licensed game and is missing the Telltale touch despite being a wholly different story. While the characters are still fun and the awesome and the 80’s soundtrack is a plus, it just seems like a lot of the elements from the movies have just been copied over into the game, which I’m sure has less to do with Telltale and more to do with Marvel calling the shots.

Episode 3 is also much slower and shorter than the last two episodes. I managed to complete the episode in about an hour and 45 minutes and most of the episode is just one lengthy conversation. Star-Lord spends most of his time making sure the Guardian’s aren’t on the verge of emotional breakdowns as they discuss what to do with Eternity Forge. There is however a really fun scene as Peter and their new friend try to track down the source of the Eternity Forge’s power and the rest of the Guardians are busy goofing off.

Will Hala obtain the Eternity Forge or will the Guardians stop her?

Thankfully though, the last chapter picks up as the Guardians finally come face to face with Hala and her kree soldiers again to help make for an action packed finale. One choice in particular will have a large effect on this encounter and no matter what you choose to do with the Eternity Forge, you’re looking at a really cool cliffhanger going into Episode 4 as it seems Telltale is offering two wildly different paths to take.

Despite being slow and entirely uneventful, the ending has me really excited for the fourth episode. I don’t want to give anything away of course but I am looking forward to seeing how things will work out with the Guardians and Hala’s quest to obtain the power of the eternity forge. I just hope it’s a bit longer than Episode 3.

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