The Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #4 Review

Posted February 17, 2015 by Chad Waller in Comic Books

Written by: Kurt Busiek

Art by: Ben Dewey & Jordie Bellaire

Publisher: Image

I’ve wanted to rave about The Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw for a few months now, but some poor timing has gotten in the way of my reviews. A shame that, since the series is really looking to turn into something exceptional, and exceptional stories deserve to be read. But poor luck looks to be continuing, as TA:TaC #4 is a step down in quality when compared to its three predecessors.

The plot continues, with the city-dwelling stragglers still having problems adjusting to their current predicament. It takes another surprise attack for them to truly understand the dangers they are in, though Sandorst and his council members are still up to their haughty antics and views. Goodfoot too, is still up to her plotting.

Transdimensional champion Learoyd sets off to find a more suitable place to camp until help arrives, and this time Dusty follows him. The two explore, find out a few unsettling clues, and then the issue ends with the promise of payoff at a later date.

I can’t fault the TA:TaC for slowing things down, not after all that’s happened in the last three issues. Pacing is needed to tell good stories, after all. That being said, I’d have liked a bit more. Not enough new events happened here, and I came away feeling like I reread information I already knew.

The art too takes a little bit of a hit in a few areas, most notably with Learoyd’s face. There are two panels in particular where he looks pretty ugly, and not in an “on purpose” way. Given how astounding the last three issues were from pretty much top-to-bottom, the lapses here really stand out.

In the end, Issue 4 is good and worth your time. It’s really nice to see Dusty get some major screen time, especially since he’s supposed to be the story’s narrator, and the Goodfoot/Sandorst sublot is still amusing, even if it doesn’t tread any new ground. There are a lot of places TA;TaC could go, and I honestly don’t know which is the most likely. It’s nice to know there are plenty of surprises in store for us yet.

I just wish there had been some surprises for us here.

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