The Fix #3 Review

Written by: Nick Spencer

Art by: Steve Lieber

Publisher: Image Comics

If you’ve seen my reviews of Ant-Man you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Nick Spencer’s style of humor and his talent for writing lovable horrible people.  That’s why his new series The Fix which re-teams him with Superior Foes of Spider-Man artist Steve Lieber has been one of my absolute favorite surprise hits this year. The high quality title continues in it’s third issue, which is consistently laugh out loud funny and uncomfortably true.

This issue takes a bit of an aside from the main plot as Roy takes what he feels is a cushy job of chaperoning a grown up child star on a night out, only for things to spiral out of control like a train wreck headed towards a firework factory. It’s a perfect formula for success given the creators’ humor, and one that is pulled off perfectly. The deconstruction of how a child star is born and exploited manages to come off as tragically funny without ever seeming too preachy. Like most of the series so far, it’s pretty sharp cutting in its satire, though never takes itself seriously enough to ruin the fun of the humor. While the issue also takes a little bit of a detour from the ongoing plot, it sets up some new mysteries while also acting as a fun (mostly) done in one style story with some fun twists and upset of expectations along the way.

Lieber is also on perfect form in this issue working tirelessly to make sure every punchline and set up lands beautifully. He punctuates jokes so well with hilarious reaction shots and cut aways which manage to feel nicely exaggerated while remaining grounded, ensuring the jokes never dive into “lol so random” territory and instead feel very well crafted, There’s a pay off to absolutely everything in the issue which makes for a very satisfying read and one that had me chuckling from start to finish. Lieber’s creativity in how to tell the story too makes his art a joy to look at. While his standard style is beautiful enough on its own, his ability to switch up his design and style in order to make certain jokes and asides stand out is a perfect way the keep the book fresh. Every time I turned the page I had no idea what to expect and was incredibly excited to see what depravity he’s surprise me with next.

The Fix has been one of the best surprises of the year for me so far. Spencer and Lieber are so in sync it honestly feels like they can do no wrong. Even with an issue that feels like more of an aside, it’s an absolute joy and may even be the best book I’ve read this week. I’m eagerly counting down the days until the next issue, and advise anyone not currently on board to catch up for next time. If you don’t die of laughter during the process then you’re in for a fun ride.