The Flash: Rebirth #1 Review

Posted June 8, 2016 by Adeem Khan in Comic Books

*Spoilers for DC Universe: Rebirth Follow (Definitely read that first)*

Written by: Joshua Williamson

Art by: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Publisher: DC Comics

In our review for DC Universe: Rebirth, we called it “the best thing to happen to DC Comics in a long time.” The biggest stars of that book were the two Flashes: Barry Allen and Wally West, so it’s fitting that the plot points set up in DC Universe: Rebirth are finally continued in The Flash. The Flash: Rebirth is required reading for anyone who wants to know what happens next after Batman picks up the Watchmen Pin and Barry gets back most of his pre-New 52 memories back.

A large part of this book is a recap of Flash’s origin story and everything that’s happened in his life so far. It’s tedious to read through, we’ve all heard all this before. Even if you only watch the TV show, it’s all the same thing. When Wally is introduced, we are treated to more recapping. Since DCU: Rebirth is required reading for this book, it’s strange that this book spends so much time repeating what happened in DCU: Rebirth and once again explains Flashpoint and the dark “watching” force. Thankfully the art is on point and Flash looks better than ever, making even the most boring panels fun to look at. On the bright side, with so much focus on recapping, this is a great jumping on point for new readers who know very little about the Flash. Writer Joshua Williamson makes the best out of having to recap Barry’s life by drawing parallels with a current case that he’s on. This helps out in not making all the origin recap stuff seem too out of place.

Apart from tying into DCU: Rebirth, this issue also sets up what’s next for both Wally and Barry. A new costume is hinted at for Wally and he leaves to reunite the Titans. As for Barry, it’s being hinted that he will finally begin investigating what the Speed Force is exactly and the way it’s being set up makes me very excited. Barry’s father is also being set up to play a larger role in his life, and it’s great to see that some focus will be on Barry’s supporting cast.

The Flash: Rebirth is a must read book for anyone that picked up DC Universe: Rebirth. Even if you know nothing about The Flash, you owe it to yourself to pick this book up. It will catch you up right away and throw you right into the beginning of what’s shaping to be one amazing Flash adventure. That’s a flash fact.

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