The Immortal Hulk #4 Review

Posted August 7, 2018 by Jacqueline Juretus in Comic Books

Writer: Al Ewing

Penciller: Joe Bennett

Inker: Ruy José

Color Artist: Paul Mounts

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Issue 4 picks up right where 3 left off and seems to be a lot of set up for issue 5.  Not a whole lot happens in this book, but readers do get some backstory and worldbuilding which is nice.

Readers learn more about certain characters outside of and around Banner, giving a fuller picture of this universe.  The pacing is okay, though a little formulaic with a big bang ending to get the reader excited for the next issue.  Dialogue is once again handled very well.  If people weren’t on board with the story before, this won’t change their minds, but this definitely won’t turn off any invested readers.

The art is very nice, though not as mind-blowing as the previous issues, outside of a few panels.

It really looks like #5 is the one to look forward to where hopefully all of this build up will pay off.

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