The Jetsons #3 Review

Posted January 4, 2018 by Cameron McFarland in Comic Books

Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti

Art by: Pier Brito

Published by: DC

As we close issue #3 of The Jetsons we find ourselves halfway through this series’ arc, and I think Palmiotti is doing a fine job setting the stage for what’s to come by the finale.

If you read my review of issue #1 you’ll note I was very pessimistic with the amount of exposition and characterization, but this month is much more solid. There is a very clear plot and all characters are involved in it in a very focused and deliberate in a fashion that makes it easy to keep turning the pages. The original cartoon focused on lighter humor, but this grown-up story provides something I didn’t realize I wanted in the form of scientific exploration.

There are some unexplained natural phenomena going on in the world and a scientific expedition is formed to investigate in a way that sort of scratches my itch for Star Trek. This style of storytelling fits surprisingly well with the characters of The Jetsons, but I’m still left wondering exactly who this book is for. It isn’t quite original or exciting enough to stand on its own as a sci-fi story. Taking a kids’ cartoon and “growing up” the writing doesn’t always make a property more worthwhile.

There’s likely a very fine niche that this is perfect for, but at present I’m left hoping the ending has a payoff that ties this series into a nice and complete package.

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