The Last Siege #1 Review

Posted May 30, 2018 by Kyle Simcox in Comic Books

Written By: Landry Q. Walker

Art By: Justin Greenwood

Published by: Image Comics

The first thing you’re going to notice about The Last Siege is its absolutely gorgeous art style. Artist Justin Greenwood and his team have covered every last detail down to a T from the facial features to the backgrounds. The Last Siege is clearly going to be a dark, bloody good time and the art style couldn’t fit the theme more perfectly.

Billed as a comic with spaghetti western storytelling and a Game of Thrones theme, a mysterious Easterner shows up on a rainy day at a castle just after the death of its ruler, Lord Aedon. Leaving only his daughter Lady Cathryn behind, Aedon’s loyal subjects debate on the young lady’s future. Despite being 11, she could marry the invading king, insuring the existing future of the castle and lands or she could resist. Either way, the outlook is grim for Cathryn until the Easterner strolls through the gates with a document baring the late Lord Aedon’s seal.

What I like most about The Last Siege is that while it spends its entire time setting up the stage for future events, it doesn’t waste time being one large introductory dump. Aside from establishing the late Lord Aedon’s current state of affairs, we still don’t know much about anything, which allows it to keep up a veil of mystery. What action there is flows well with the narrative and never feels like its interrupting whats being established. It also makes the Easterner look pretty bad ass at that.

Overall, The Last Siege has a very good first issue. Each panel flows together well and it certainly isn’t boring. It hits the “Spaghetti Western Game of Thrones” nail square in the center of the head and leaves you wanting more. The storytelling is something I never realized I wanted and the artwork is phenomenal.

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