The Shrinking Man #2 Review

Posted August 17, 2015 by Chris White in Comic Books

Written by: Richard Matheson (Adapted by Ted Adams)

Art by: Mark Torres & Tomi Varga

Publisher: IDW

After a promising start to the comic book adaption of one of Richard Matheson’s finest pieces of work, The Shrinking Man #2 slows the pace a little and delivers intensity by the bucketload. Scott Carey is slowly unravelling—shrinking by the day and struggling to keep his sanity in check. There is no comfort or shelter for Scott and with his marriage in tatters there is no hope in sight.

The Shrinking Man #2 is bleak—really bleak. If the first issue set the precedence for the series by introducing you to Scott and his plight, the issue two dwells on his affliction and pulls you firmly into its troublesome path. Trying to critique Matheson is not something I want to do, nor is it something I need to do. Matheson is a master of his craft and I can’t think of anyone else’s work that is better suited to a comic book adaption. Ted Adams deserves a lot of credit for mapping out the blueprint of Matheson’s novel and using it in the best way possible. The scene in the car is chilling, and to really focus in the entirety of the dialogue was a smart move. The scene goes on for a substantial amount of pages and the creepiness gets right under your skin. Also, the relationship between Scott and Lou is falling apart and it is so difficult to read. You can understand his suffering and need to vent, but his wife is struggling to keep their family together so you can feel the pain from all angles.

Mark makes The Shrinking Man #2 come alive; the spider is back and is drawn with such detail that it made me squirm at the sheer terror it conveys in the way it’s portrayed. The scene right at the end is drawn so well that it is hard to read. Without spoiling it, Mark’s illustrations are disturbing and poignant, giving the final panels a great sense of importance to the future issues of The Shrinking Man #2.

I am firmly behind this comic. The Shrinking Man is a great story and the way it has been adapted should be the benchmark for all future conversions. With great dialogue and complimenting artwork, The Shrinking Man #2 is certainly worth your time.

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