The Unbelievable Gwenpool #22 Review

Posted November 13, 2017 by Kyle Simcox in Comic Books

Writer: Christopher Hastings

Artist: Irene Strychalski

Publisher: Marvel Comics

After defeating the evil future Gwenpool and promising to become a super hero, Gwen Poole takes on the ultimate prey by targeting Doctor Doom with a little help from her pal, Vinnie.

In Gwenpool #22, we journey beneath New York as Vinnie escorts Gwen to an old, abandoned fortress that’s been used by various evil factions over the years. Vincent had intended to use it as his own base of operations but decides to lure Doctor Doom there just in case Gwen’s battle gets a little out of hand because after all, Doom isn’t a guy you just want to mess with.

After Vinnie climbs syncs up with a couple of other out of commission Doombots, he summons Doom and like all boss battles, he arrives on the scene. However, we don’t quite get much of a fight. Instead, Gwen gets separated from Vinnie and the Doombot has a little heart to heart with his creator. Its actually a bit of an emotional moment as Victor Von Doom tells Vinnie how proud of him he actually is, even after Vinnie tries to bring Doom’s status as a hero into question (just like everyone else is doing). Doom however, still manages to be one of the best things about the current state of Marvel comics too.

After manipulating her way around the comic book, Gwen escapes confinement and also reveals her own reasons for fighting Doom. In the last issue, she states that she’d like to become an Avenger but it turns out there’s more to it than that. She has yet to find herself in the Marvel universe and she admits that she wants to feel important. We don’t really get many serious moments from Gwenpool so it was nice to see her admit how she’s feeling about her new home and her place within it. She wants to be accepted by her favorite super heroes and she feels the best way to do that is to take out one of it’s biggest threats. Even her evil future self sought out this same answer but went about a different way to obtain it. Another thing to note is that since Gwen’s been in 616, she no longer knows everything that’s going on since she’s cut off from her comic supply as she had no idea Victor is playing for the good guys now.

What I like most about this issue is that we finally get to see Gwen really playing around with her powers. In her last issue, we watched as she literally threw a criminal out of comic book existence. This time we see her weaving between panels to go back in time to avoid being trapped and what that looks like from the other characters’ perspectives, which is quite a funny take on her 4th wall breaking abilities.

It begs the question as to what else she can do, as even Gwen states that she powers are quite dangerous and its easy to see how another version of her decided to be evil and stay relevant forever.

The issue ends with the old visage of Doom climbing out of a wounded Infamous Iron Man in what is undoubtedly some magic conjured by Doom setting up what will probably be a fun and goofy brawl between Gwen and the old evil Doom. Issue #22 as a whole however was more of an emotional stroll before before the big brawl. It was nice to see Victor interact with one of his old Doombots and be open and honest with his creation. Iron Doom and his journey for redemption are honestly always great no matter where they seem to be. It was also wonderful getting a glimpse into Gwen’s abilities and how she feels about being stuck in the 616 Universe and it still managed to find ways to be funny.

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