Titans #14 Review

Posted August 11, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Dan Abnett

Art by: Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund

Published by: DC Comics

Titans #14 course corrects some of the issues from the previous chapter.

This is the issue where we finally find out the mystery behind the arc, and needless to say, it can certainly take the book in an interesting direction. Abnett concentrates more on the team dynamic, something that the previous chapter was missing is ultimately what makes Titans books work. There is a love triangle between Wally, Donna, and Roy, and of course the main underlying plot deals with a possible traitor on the team.

Abnett juggles all of these themes in the issue without making it seem overstuffed, which is always a challenge. The most interesting part of this really is Donna’s reaction after tempers flare between the other two Titans. During the events of the Titans Annual, Donna had found out some information about her history that has truly changed her views, and she is not quite sure how to deal with more conflict.

Another great thing in this issue is the fact that Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund have returned from their short break. Their art was sorely missed, because Booth knows these characters inside and out. He knows how to portray the emotional conflict between them, and it seems as if Abnett and he have understanding how the flow of the book is supposed to be.

The current storyline is maybe not the strongest arc in this line, but this particular issue does up the stakes and makes the readers interested in reading the next issue, which is ultimately a key of every book. So even with the some pacing faults and a throwaway filler villain in this chapter, it does seem that the Titans are going toward something greater soon. It was a slow drip of information to this point, but after the revelation in this chapter, it is certainly going to put a wrench in a team.

Overall Titans is an enjoyable book, and even if it is not a pinnacle of the Rebirth line up, it is most certainly a lot better entry than any of the New 52 books. Always a plus.

Titans 14 Review

Titans 14 Review


Final Score

8.0 /10


  • Interesting twist in the arc
  • Love Triangle makes sense
  • Booth and Rapmund are back!


  • Villains are weak
  • Gnaark and Mal underused

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