TMNT Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything! Review

Posted June 3, 2016 by Marshall Bruno in Comic Books

Written by: Ben Bates & Dustin Weaver

Art by: Sophie Campbell, Dustin Weaver, Ben Bates, Giannis Milogiannis & Colors by Bill Crabtree

Publisher: IDW

If I could just do a one word review of this issue, I’d choose either “hilarious,” or “great.” But I know you don’t want to know that this is simply great and hilarious, so let’s talk about the absuridty of this comic book.

Bebop and Rocksteady are ridiculously inept and that has caused them to seek out a new path in life. Feeling a bit out of place without the foot clan or “mighty mutant foot monsters,” Bebop and Rocksteady, while full of bullet holes, decide to lay low for a while somewhere in Africa. Actually, I believe they are in South America, but they’re probably really bad at geography and call it Africa. Don’t get yourself too caught up on details like this though.

The Turtles are in a museum to go check out some skeletons thatĀ haveĀ to be from Bebop and Rocksteady, but they’re millions of years old. Confused, and a little too curious, the Turtles discover a glowing gem within a fossil. Upon touching it, Renet appears and promptly confuses the heck out of all four of them with her wonky time-lines.

In Bebop and Rocksteady’s hideout, they discuss a guy that wanted to recruit them for a gang. As it turns out, they stole a scepter from him. This transports Renet and the Turtles to them and a fight breaks out. Of course the scepter is Renet’s and it ends up activating, teleporting Bebop and Rocksteady to New York. After getting their bearings, they run into their own selves!

Through the next few issues we’ll find out how Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything!… as well as how they ended up back in prehistoric times and what that means for the Turtles!

This is a really fun comic, and a nice little divergence from the normal Turtle storylines. Though you can expect to see the Turtles pop up again, this is definitely going to be a series focused on Bebop and Rocksteady, so they’ll be the main characters through to the end.

How do you expect they’ll destroy everything?

Do you think Renet will come back and play a bigger role through the series?

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