TMNT Ghostbusters #1 Review

Posted October 22, 2014 by Ryan Campbell in Comic Books

Written by: Eric Burnham and Tom Waltz

Art by: Charles Paul Wilson III, Corey Smith and Dan Schoening

Publisher: IDW

If you could create a comic that encompassed my childhood toy habits with my cousins Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters would be a pretty great description. I spent many days held up on my cousins back porch with a box full of turtles and busters who were lucky to still have their weapons and proton packs. A Ghostbusters car with faded stickers would chase around a turtle van with a rusted wheel, but the stories we built in our heads were epic and world bending.

The new series from IDW has the potential to take two huge fanbases and properties and blend them into an epic tale. This first issue lays some excellent groundwork but also is a giant tease of what we want to see from these two groups of heroes. As the introduction so eloquently puts it “The pizza is pretty good in both Universes.” That is how the series written by Eric Burnham and Tom Waltz explains the teams coming together. The turtles are experimenting with a teleporting system and due to a certain flying pest and a accident the turtles are sent to a parallel universe where NY is the realm of the Ghostbusters. Without their knowledge this has unleashed an ancient immortal being into the world who was trapped centuries ago in limbo by his immortal sister (with some interesting help from an old turtle foe).

What may be my favorite moment from the issue is when they are testing the portal with an apple and Casey turns to Mikey and says, “Bet the fruit blows up.” The book gets a little bogged down from having to set up so much but moments like this really reinforce the charachters were playing with and the feeling the book will have with these two wise cracking teams. If the issue tells us anything about what is to come it’s that there will be no short of snark and whit from the main characters.

The art is exceptional and is the product of Charles Paul Wilson III, Corey Smith, and Dan Schoening, anyone familiar with the separate works of these franchises will love how the art styles and looks are brought over from those books to truly give the book a “worlds collide” feel. The Busters look drastically different than the turtles even the humans in both worlds look different. We don’t get a great sense of how the action will unfold because most of the book is setting up the series but what we see and what we know from the stand alone books means we can expect action seamlessly laid out form one panel to the next. Again the action depicted in Buster scenes and Turtles scenes are presented very differently and represent their franchise well. Again unfortunately we don’t see a lot of the teams sharing panels together so it will be interesting to see how the action will be portrayed once they start mixing it up.

While ideally I would lave loved to see more interaction between the main players I understand this book had a lot to set up and I would be lying if I didn’t instantly want to read issue 2 after i was finished. I suppose that’s a good thing right? This series is shaping up to be a lot of fun and looks to handle both properties with respect and reverance fans of both sides will enjoy and that is a big hurdle to jump. I can’t wait to read issue #2 and see where the series goes, so Who you gonna call? The heroes in a half shell.

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