Transformers VS Visionaries #1 Review

Posted January 6, 2018 by Kyle Simcox in Comic Books

Written by: Magdalene Visaggio

Art by: Fico Ossio

Published by: IDW Publishing

Tension runs high as the Transformers try to accommodate their new guests, The Visionaries, on their home world of Cybertron…. or is it Prysmos? We dunno yet, but it’ll probably have a fun outcome!

Issue #1 begins as a tentative peace reigns over Cybertron as the Transformers attempt to accommodate Merklynn and his Visionaries after they unknowingly invaded the planet and are now burrowed deep beneath the planets surface. Cybertron is running low on resources, and the Transformers aren’t quite sure what to do with the displaced refugees. It’s an issue filled mostly with politics as both sides spend most of their time presenting their arguments and trying to reach a deal between the two groups. It’s presented very well, and Visaggio never really makes it feel like one side is the bad guy. This makes it easier to choose sides for the reader, but lets be honest, we all know the Transformers have got this. By the end of the issue though, the stuff does hit the fan though and its quite an eye opener for the Transformers about just what the Visionaries can do.

I should admit here and now that I am far from caught up on Transformers where the comics are concerned, and I have zero knowledge of who the Visionaries even are (An 80’s cartoon/toy line). That being said, the cover drew me in (Virulina violently impaling Ironhide), and from what I learned of the Visionaries, this is the perfect match up. It’s Man versus Machine. Magic against Technology. Given the situation, the Visionaries should be at more of a disadvantage, but without spoiling too much, it looks like the Transformers are the ones who are more vulnerable than you’d expect them to be.

One thing I would love to point out is that even though I knew very little about the Visionaries, I feel I came to understand them very quickly. They mimic a lot of the Transformers characteristics. Fleeing from their dying world, old enemies have allied in order to rebuild a new home for themselves, much like the Transformers. That’s what I feel makes this match up so perfect. Both sides know what its like to lose their homes, but unlike the Visionaries, the Transformers are in the middle of rebuilding theirs and they certainly don’t plan on giving it up again.

Given that 98% of this issue is politics, you’ll spend most of your time seeing faces so its only fair they receive the attention they deserve and the artist Fico Ossio delivers like he does on every other detail of the book. The artwork just looks great and lets be honest, the cover is bound to be eye catching. We don’t see much of New Prysmos or Cybertron but what we do see is extremely detailed and the coloring is beautifully done thanks to David Garcia Cruz’s handiwork.

Transformer vs Visionaries #1 is a great book. It’s a perfect match up, and it’s nice to see IDW reviving an old brand and putting them up against the titans that are the Transformers. It’s cool to learn that they have an upper hand against them. They’re not just going to be swatted by the Transformers and all their advanced technology. As long as it can keep up the steam along with its beautiful artwork, readers can expect a great five issues. Hell, consider me sold on a Visionaries comic series too if all of this works out.

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