Velvet #6 Review

Posted July 25, 2014 by Joel Raivid in Comic Books

Written by: Ed Brubaker

Art by: Steve Epting & Bettie Breitweiser

Publisher: Image

Another book returning from a brief hiatus this week, and hasn’t the wait been hard?! Velvet in 5 short issues has become one of Image’s most popular series. The fantastic writing together with incredible visuals has been so consistent that fans of spy thrillers and beyond have been raving about this book and been looking forward to it returning.

Now that it has returned, it certainly didn’t disappoint. Following directly on from before the break, Velvet has arrived back in London and knowing she has been double-crossed is hell-bent on tracking down the betrayer. What Brubaker does that is very clever is that he introduces the reader, or reintroduces in some cases, the main potential culprits and gives a mini origin story with it.

The series has always been able to do this seamlessly going from the current timeline to flashbacks in Velvet’s earlier life, this is achieved because the flashbacks are relevant to the present and offers the reader an insight into, for example, why Velvet ended up where she did and what made her be behind a desk. It’s amazing how the book still flows and manages not to break things up whereby the reader would feel a change of pace. In fact, this book is all about pace, Velvet is both on the run and in search of answers and she has a timeframe and this is conveyed so well by Brubaker through a concise script, yet we get every bit of information we need.

The narrative is truly engaging, but where this book takes it to the next level is the way it looks. The art is stunning and the colouring is so consistent and spectacular that it makes this book one of those rare few where it is worth picking up just for the visuals. But luckily it’s not just an art book, it is a truly magnificent art book with a fantastic story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat while rooting for the protagonist.

This issue was a really great start to the new arc, the same level of energy is continued from the previous five issues and the pacing has got even better, though that is quite hard to believe. There is plenty of action here, and there can only be more to follow as Velvet is now taking the war out in the open rather than hiding in plain sight. With Velvet planning on vengeance we could be seeing a change in direction from the spy thriller to more of a thriller, but whatever direction, with Brubaker, Epting, and Breitweiser on this book it will surely not disappoint. So go pick up the trade of this series and quickly read it to pick up this issue in what is one of the best second arc opening issues I have ever read.

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