Wayward #9 Review

Posted June 25, 2015 by Chad Waller in Comic Books

Written by: Jim Zub

Art by: Steve Cummings

Publisher: Image

Okay, so I’m running out of fun ways to introduce these reviews, though more specifically, I’m running out of ways to praise Wayward as a comic series. Too good for words? Not quite, but I’m not a dictionary or a thesaurus. So let’s skip the nonsense and dive in this time.

Issue 9 (holy crap, where did the time go?) starts off with a jump to the past, and there’s a nice set of panels made of nothing but fiery destruction as a group of flying demons torch a small town in order to find a little girl. The start is explosive—quite literally—yet a little confusing. It’s also never brought up again, so what plot threads it starts will have to wait until Issue 10.

We next move back to Ohara, Ayane, and Nikaido, who are allying themselves with a group of demons known as “dirt spiders,” to take on the big bad Japanese demon mobsters (lest we forget, this comic has those). The dirt spiders are sick of being mistreated by the other, bigger and stronger demons, and though I’m not well versed in Japanese lore, I do know that demons are quick to switch allegiance when slighted.

Yet, this section is less about the demons and the upcoming battle and more about Ohara and Ayane. Despite finding a group of friends and a cause to shake up her traditional, Japanese life, Ohara is once again feeling like an outcast. Ayane, on the other hand, is going deeper down some violent hole where nothing matters but fighting. When we see them prepare for battle, I can’t help but think they aren’t ready for it, at least not emotionally. Normally when I see characters preparing for the big fight, I get excited, because big fights are fun. This time though, this time I’m worried. These kids are in over their heads.

Rori and Shirai also return for a few panels, with Rori now in full possession of her weave powers. What she manages to do with them is quite shocking, and not in the “everything is going to get better!” kind of way. I won’t spoil what happens of course, but dang, I am conflicted. I understand why her friends have put her in charge, but it takes a cold, calculating person to be a general of an army, ragtag and made of teenagers notwithstanding.

The artwork, like every issue before this one, is fantastic. Bravo Steve Cummings, you literally don’t make mistakes.

Despite it’s somewhat confusing beginning, Issue 9 of Wayward is fantastic. This is how you do a buildup comic. You make me love the characters more, and then you make me worried that they’re all walking into danger.

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