We Stand On Guard #2 Review

Posted August 10, 2015 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan

Art by: Steve Skroche

Publisher: Image Comics

The premise of a Canada, U.S.A rivalry is not a new one by any stretch of the imagination. There have been countless events and happenings that have pitted these two rival, yet loyally allied nations against one another throughout the years. From Sports to Politics, to the time we burnt down the white house (nope we’re never gonna let that go) and everywhere in between Canada and and The U.S. have enjoyed a great competitive and for the most part friendly relationship. But friendly competitions and rivalry’s are not what’s being served up in We Stand on Guard #2, instead we’re treated to a vicious, bloody war of nations and much like the first issue it’s an amazing read.

This issue and series is written by one Brian K. Vaughan, a man who has penned some of the best issues and stories in recent comic history. We Stand On Guard #2 ramps up the intrigue and adds a few crucial layers of backstory and new twists, while also keeping so much a mystery. The first issue focused solely on a band of Canadian rebels and a young girl who falls in with them. While there were a few moments of backstory, and being a great first issue it seemed rather short. In this issue we get much more world building as the focus shifts a little from the rebels to those whom they are fighting against. We get introduced to a number of high ranking american soldiers as well as a gang of mysterious people who’s identities are yet unknown. The best part of this book and the series as a whole is how badass the Canadians are portrayed and its a welcome shift from the stereotypical ways we are normally portrayed in comics and film as a whole.

Steve Skroche’s is a maestro on the art side as he impressively improves upon his stellar debut in issue one. His rendering of the various characters present throughout this issue are oozing with emotion as their body language and facial expressions are all wonderfully expressive and unique. Skroche really shines in moments of character interaction, which is what ninety eight percent of this issue is, although seeing as this is very much a book about Canada U.S conflict it’s nice to see that his scenes of action are wonderfully frenetic and engaging as well.

We Stand on Guard #2 is a great issue that successfully carries over the momentum from its debut issue by focusing on character interactions while providing some further world building. At this point any book that features the name Brian K. Vaughan on its cover is a must buy but add in Steve Skroche’s stellar art and a Canada, U.S invasion story and you have a book that you really should just throw all of your money at.

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