Wonder Woman/ Conan #1 Review

Posted September 20, 2017 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: Gail Simone

Art by: Aaron Lopresti

Published by: DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics

Crossovers are the equivalent of going to a party with people you don’t know and hoping that the night doesn’t suck, as they take characters that wouldn’t regularly interact with one another, thrust them together and hope it pays off . Thankfully, in the case of Wonder Woman/Conan #1 the title characters seem to have a lot in common.

Writer Gail Simone wastes no time in cementing the book’s titular characters fighting prowess and ferocity. Even though they are introduced at different parts of the story, the action begins quickly. This book is also rather charming, with its mythological narration lending the happenings of this issue a grandiose feel. Consequently, this chapter feels like the beginning of a quest, and is less interested in giving the readers an emotional connection to its characters than it is with establishing the mythos that surrounds them. In a way it feels like Simone and artist Aaron Lopresti are banking on the reader already being fans of Conan and Wonder Woman. For better or worse, they hit the ground running. As someone who has an extensive history with Wonder Woman and a very limited one with Conan this decision left me a little disappointed, and I would have appreciated more of an emotional center to this issue. But at the same time everything the reader needs to know plot wise is included in this issue.

This book manages to somehow be over the top and grounded at the same time and a big reason why this mix works is Aaron Lopresti’s pencils. He manages to inject a large amount of energy into his line work and while this book has a cartoony vibe to it, the art still fits the issue’s more serious moments. From Conan and Wonder Woman’s fight scenes to the elegant flashbacks and creepy crow moments, Lopresti gives this issue a real sense of character.

As mentioned before, I was a little disappointed by the shallowness of the character work. The issue all but glosses over any opportunities to flesh out its main cast in favour of action oriented set pieces and world building. It is very possible that this series will never really delve into deep character work, and instead continue embracing Wonder Woman and Conan’s combat mastery. But I do hope and trust that Simone manages to bring a bit of both in the coming issues.

Wonder Woman/ Conan #1 is a good start to a promising miniseries, that’s held back slightly by a lack of emotional resonance. That being said the night’s still young, the party’s still kicking and the forecast looks promising.

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