Wonder Woman/Conan #4 Review

Posted December 21, 2017 by Cameron McFarland in Comic Books

Written by: Gail Simone

Art by: Aaron Lopresti

Published by: DC Comics

I am a sucker for two things, specifically when reading comic books: crossovers and when strong people punch bad people to solve problems. They’re both guilty pleasures that modern storytelling conventions try to get away from, or sometimes look down upon. Historically, crossovers are just designed to be attention-getters and violence is never the solution. But, here we are: Wonder Woman and Conan teaming up to punch drunk people in a bar. I love it.

This is a six issues series, and that may just be the perfect amount of comics to get all the fun elements of this pairing covered. This issue gives us a little bit more of young Dianna and Conan venturing into the dangerous world alone, as well as some very important seeds of doubt being planted for an inevitable fight between the two in the next issue leaving us with a triumphant finale by #6. The predictability is present, but by that concession I must admit I find it irrelevant. This book is fun to read for fans of either titular characters and doubly so for fans of both.

Also we see Wonder Woman and Conan team up to punch drunk people in a bar.

Visually I do have one gripe, and this is only relevant to the art snobs out there, but the pages tend to focus on earthy tones and largely it feels like a Conan the Barbarian story. On occasion we see Dianna dressed in her bright red and blue outfit, and it feels out of place. The design of her costume is very modern and the colors sort of pop in a way that I don’t believe is intended to draw your focus so immediately. Again, I must admit this is very minute a complaint to have that not all readers will agree with, and if that’s all I have to say then I’m left being reminded once again that I am truly a sucker for crossovers and punching drunk people in a bar.

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