X-Files Case Files: Florida Man Review

Posted April 23, 2018 by Cameron McFarland in Comic Books

Written by: Delilah Dawson

Art by: Elena Casagrande

Published by: IDW

Scully and Mulder return to print with the latest X-Files Case Files miniseries, this time focusing on some mysterious drug activity occurring in the state of Florida. This issue does suffer a bit from spending so much time setting the stage for the rest of the story, but with a rare sense of balance and pacing that makes it an enjoyable read. Truthfully, this issue reminds me of the first 10 or so minutes of an episode of X-Files, and that goes far in my opinion.

Most of the book is a series of sight-seeing after the FBI agents arrive in Ocala. There are a handful of clues dropped as to what the mystery will evolve into, but readers will need to hold tight until issue #2 hopefully dives deep into the gator-infested waters and plot.

What really wins me over in a comic like this is dialogue, specifically in the case of adapting well known characters. As someone who has personally written a X-Files fan episode that had to be properly disposed of, I know from experience how key it is to capture a character’s voice. Both Scully and Mulder leap off the DVD complete series on my shelf and into the pages of this story, which greatly compliments an otherwise slightly bland start.

As many #1 issues will attest, the best is yet to arrive and it can be hard to gauge just where a series will go, but I have faith in Dawson (as well as the art team) to deliver on the promise of a very fun and exciting new episode of the X-Files.

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