2000 AD Prog 1889 Review

Judge Dredd – The Heart Is A Lonely Klegg Hunter
Script: Rob Williams
Art: Chris Weston
Colours: Michael Dowling
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Ably supported by superb art from Chris Weston, this Rob Williams scripted tale of a civilized monster just trying to find his little slice of happiness and peace in Mega City One is superb fun. With a motley crew of assassins out to claim a bounty and our eponymous Judge thinking twice about upholding the law, this was a rather unique little Dredd tale.

Brass Sun – Floating Worlds: Part 2
Script: Ian Edginton
Art: Ian J Culbard
Letters: Ellie De Ville

Brass Sun continues to be an intriguing steampunk world from the mind of Ian Edginton. With Beatrice and crew froced on a do-or-die mission for the cahirman of the Mercantile Guild, the tension is ratcheting up as they appraoch their target. Visually Brass Sun is a stunning series Prog 1889 Brass Sunwith Culbard’s pencils adding a wonderfully pulpy feel to the universe. This is an artist i’d love to see do The Shadow.

Tharg’s 3Rillers present – Voodoo Planet: Part 2
Script: Guy Adams
Art: PJ Holden
Colours: Steven Denton
Letters: Simon Bowland

A bit more exposition in this installment offers an explanation as to the current state of affairs and why Clair is running for her life. Guy Adams is crafting a wonderfully creppy tale of megalomania and survival, all brought to life by artist PJ Holden who is establishing himself as a master of macabre creations and monstrosities. With his Dept of Monsterology colourist on board (Denton) this title is a treat for the eyes.

Future Shocks: The Name of the Law
Script: Eddie Robson
Art: Nick Dyer
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

As happens the odd time with Future Shocks, we get the seed of an interesting concept for a story, but in the short space allotted it leaves one feeling unsatisfied.

Prog 1889 Sinister DexterSinister Dexter – The Generican Dream – Congo: Part 1
Script: Dan Abnett
Art: Jake Lynch
Letters: Ellie De Ville

With perhaps a not too subtle swipe at one of the world’s largest companies, Dan Abnett starts off another gruesome twosome adventure with the customary wit and violence. With Finny acting as an inside man, the team’s best laid plans go tits up. Jake Lynch’s pencils have a grittier feel to them than earlier artist Smudge’s more precise line work. But either works beautifully in this one title i always enjoy seeing in 2000 AD.

Another solid Prog form Tharg and co that you could buy with just the change down the back of your sofa, so why don’t you go and have a look.