24: Underground #5 Review

Written by: Ed Brisson

Art by: Michael Gaydos & Josh Burcham

Publisher: IDW

When I think of 24, I think Jack Bauer, on the run, getting in to situations that makes him look bad when in fact he was only doing the right thing by someone. That is why I loved this series, it encapsulated everything we have loved about 24 since its creation, and in my opinion this is the first comic book series to capture that magic in this medium.

The credit has to go to the writer because he has achieved what previous writers have failed at. He has produced a fast paced action packed adventure but with a truly great script and one that has possibly left it open for another series, if he decides to do one. Brisson made great use of Jack’s past and really linked it in nicely to the series making this a really good element of the 24 Universe.

As a final issue this had everything, car chase, stand offs at gun point, and (spoiler alert) Jack walking off into the distance. Unlike the TV show, except for the season that just finished on FOX, we also get a nice epilogue which ties up the series’ loose ends which worked really nicely because before this ‘mission’ Jacks life as Borys was going really well and he just got himself in a bad situation by helping his partners brother, so for her to have it confirmed to her that he is a nice man after all is good to see as a fan of the 24 Universe.

Once again the book looks great. I can understand those that aren’t a fan, but it’s all about context, and the dark shadows and the gritty coloring set the tone of this series fantastically. The detailing of the art also builds a world around Jack and from the beginning of this series to the end it has been very consistent and made this book a pleasure to look at.

With the art and the writing this series has really been a complete package. Yes there were elements along the way which seemed forced and convoluted but overall it was a really fun experience and one that I hope we get to see again.