4 Comic Book Characters That Deserve a Solo Movie

With so many comic book movies on the horizon, ranging from big names like Batman and Superman, to rather unknown likes of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, it seems studios are ready to take higher risks when it comes to characters. Going from cosmic adventurers to magical monsters, the next few years will be introducing quite a few number of heroes, villains and anti-heroes, and many of those will either be part of a team, or show up in another character’s movie.

But why not take it a step further? If there’s anything to be learned from the success from all 4 comic book movies of 2013, it’s that financially – and that’s the word that really matters to studios – things are going really, really, really well, regardless of whoever it is that is kicking butts and taking names on the big screen. So with that in mind, we take a look at what characters deserve a chance to shine without sharing the spotlight, the ones that deserve a solo movie.

[box_light]1. Nightwing[/box_light]


This one is a no brainer. With recent rumors all but confirming Nightwing’s presence in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, we can pretty much assume we’ll see former Robin, Dick Grayson, introduced in DC’s current movie continuity. The presence of an older Batman means there’ll be a lot of history behind the dynamic duo, specially since Dick will be rocking his new super hero identity. With so much history available, it would be criminal not to have a solo movie with Nightwing as the center of it, perhaps taking one or two cues from Kyle Higgins’ current run on the character, why not take him to the mafia-heavy city of Chicago, to hunt his parents’ killer, Tony Zuco. In addition to that, add a noir atmosphere to the mix and you have the potential of making a fantastic movie.

The great thing about Dick is that he’s…well, loved by everyone! Young adults movie goers would not have a problem connecting with him, since we’re talking about someone doing all he can to leave the shadow of his father-figure, create a name for himself, and struggling to find his place in the world. One could easily take hours explaining all the great aspects of the former boy-wonder, but for now, let’s end it by saying he’s also the leader of the DC’s young heroes, which makes his movie a perfect starting point for another branch of the DCU, a branch full of titans and teens.

[box_light]2. The Winter Soldier[/box_light]

Winter SoldierAgain, no brainer, if there’s one character from the upcoming Marvel movie that would absolutely rock on a solo movie, it’s definitely Captain America’s ex sidekick. The Winter Soldier is a fan favorite character, whose popularity is most certainly going to increase with his appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, specially is he’s as badass as the trailer has led us to believe. Bucky allows Marvel to make a full on action movie, like a James Bond goes bionic kind of thing. Much like Ed Brubaker did with the character in the comics, he can easily fit in a spy story, and that’s where one would hope to see him.

I don’t think it’s inconceivable that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will end with Bucky joining S.H.I.E.L.D for instance, that particular scenario would create the perfect set up for his super spy missions, going all over the globe after bad guys to stop threats before they even become a real thing. Much like the next Captain America movie is taking bits and pieces from Brubaker’s run with the character, that’s the way to go with an eventual Winter Soldier solo movie. In addition to that, who wouldn’t want to see a soldier with a bionic arm taking names and blowing stuff up wherever he goes?

[box_light]3. Casey Jones[/box_light]

Casey JonesIf there’s one thing we know about the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, is that the movie has received its fair share of doubts and skepticism. But let’s assume it all goes well and it’s a success, with every studio out there expanding and connecting their universes, and the rise of comic book movies – and comic book shows – perhaps will see Paramount try something with the property. And what better character to help expand that universe than Casey Jones?

The great thing about a Casey Jones movie is that it would be possible to make it R Rated, full of the blood and violence that the character brings with him. It would likely have a lower budget, because well, you’re not CGI’ng turtle shapes into everyone, allowing Paramount to not hold back when it comes to the action and fights we usually see Jones in. An action heavy movie with street level fights and gangs would suit Jones’ character like a champ, hell, they should do this movie even if Ninja Turtles flops.


[box_light]4. Black Cat[/box_light]

black cat

Sony has 3 more Spider-Man related movies in their plans, with the last one rumored to not focus on the web-head, it would make for the ideal opportunity of showcasing one of Spider-Man’s greatest supporting characters, Black Cat. A character that is always challenged by walking the line between good and evil, while remaining ever gorgeous and sexy, would be an excellent fit for spin-off. There are rumors that Black Cat will appear in some capacity, in the already crowded The Amazing Spider Man 2, in May of 2014, even if just as Felicia Hardy. Perhaps she’ll lead Peter to not so good ways when it comes to his love life, and be present once again, in The Amazing Spider Man 3.

It’s easy to see Black Cat as the main character in a heist movie, after all, that’s her specialization. It would be amazing to see her stealing from some of Manhattan’s richest and baddest. How lovely would it be to have Marvel’s favorite feline steal from someone like, say, Tombstone, only to have assassins on her back? It’s very likely that the spin-off movie coming from The Amazing Spider Man will be with someone like Venom, but Black Cat would work in much more interesting ways as the lead character of a solo movie, let’s hope Sony thinks the same.


And how about you? What other comic book characters would you love to see star in their own movie? Sound off in the comments below!