Action Comics #958 Review

Written by: Dan Jurgens

Art by: Patrick Zircher

Publisher: DC

DC’s resurrected Action Comics series is so far certainly living up to its title, as both issues have been pretty non-stop in the action department from start to finish. While the new issue doesn’t do much to advance the plot forward, it has the same level of fun and intrigue that got me on board with the last issue and is keeping me interested in the series.

This issue sees Superman and Lex continue their battle against Doomsday, while the mysterious Mr. Oz watched Clark and his son with interest from afar. I won’t deny a real thrill seeing Superman and Lex work together, especially given how fast and out of character Clark’s initial reaction to Lex felt. Superlex is really beginning to grow on me, especially given how interesting and unpredictable he makes a lot of the action in the book. He’s definitely more of an interesting villain choice than Doomsday, who serves little to the story other than a big punching bag.

The other intriguing elements in the story are definitely ticking along nicely, although with not much major plot progression overall. Lois and Jon’s interactions are certainly interesting, revealing a lot of her own feelings on Clark’s character which leave impressions on her son. It’s very interesting watching Jon learn more about his father, both through his own actions and the effect he has on others. It’s definitely building to what should be a fantastic Superboy reveal, which I am definitely looking forward to. Add to this the continuing mysteries of the new Clark Kent and Mr. Oz and there’s a lot to keep you interested within these 20 pages. My only worry is that some of these might get dragged out. I know that sounds silly to say since we’re only 2 issues in, but not much new information is given, so I worry these may be padded out among the extended action scenes.

When it comes to actual writing, this too felt a little worrying to me as it felt a little “Old fashioned”, especially compared to the recent Superman #1. Things like the internal monologues explaining everything and just a slightly clunky sense of dialogue make this feel most like a yesteryear comic in certain aspects. Maybe it’s just me being used to a different writing style, as I know this sort of style is popular with older readers, and I was definitely still entertained throughout, it just stuck out to me a bit more this time around. The art also seems a little rougher this time around, I think perhaps due to the inking. Things just seem a little bit less clear despite Zircher’s pencils retaining their big and epic approach to action (aside from the previously mentioned apathetic faces) so there’s no real need for concern, as the book still feels distinctly like a Superman book.

Overall, Action Comics #958 is definitely weaker than the previous entry and its sister title, although is still of a pretty damn high quality. I’m not disappointed by this issue, but instead glad that an issue that has a strong amount of good points can still be considered a weaker issue amidst the strength of the new line. Actions Comics #958 is definitely worth picking up for fans, as it’s the most interesting the man of steel has been in ages.