Please note this issue will hit shelves Wednesday 21st October

Written by: Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig

Art by: Drew Johnson, Rachel Deering, and Kelly Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Dark Circle Comics

Archie Comics has been on a bit of a roll lately with their reimagining of classic characters. Titles such as Afterlife with Archie, Sabrina, The Hood and The Fox have been a breath of fresh air in the modern comics landscape, and are prime examples of why Archie Comics has flourished for 75 years. The Shield continues this trend of positive reinvigorations, a feat made all the more impressive considering just how old the character is.

This premier issue cements The New Shield (Victoria Adam’s) as an integral part of U.S history and it introduces a number of fun wrinkles to the character. Victoria is very much a rookie seasoned when it comes to being a superhero and if the book was not part of Dark Circle’s superhero line then it wouldn’t be particularly clear whether or not she is going to become one. The issue does falter at times as it seems a little light on conflict and the potential villain introduced doesn’t make their presence felt all that much. That being said it has a number of great ideas and moments and for a debut issue it certainly delivers an engaging read that will make the reader want to come back for the foreseeable future.

The art duties are handled by the team of Drew Johnson, Rachel Deering and Kelly Fitzpatrick and they knock this first issue right out of the ball park. The characters are crisply rendered and the world in which the characters exist is very dark and muted, a tone that fits the story perfectly.Victoria herself is portrayed as a force to be reckoned with and the artists triumphantly make her look like the badass that she’s written as. Even in her weaker moments she has this intensity in her eyes, a look that dares evildoers to try and cross her at their own peril.

Ultimately, the Shield #1 is a good debut issue, that successfully reinvigorates a 75 year old character with wit, vigour and a whole lot of badassery. If you’re into dark superhero comics or are just interested in an easy jumping on point into the world of Dark Circle Comics, then The Shield #1 is definitely the book for you.

(FUN FACTS: The Shield debuted in 1940’s Pep #1 and was actually featured on the cover. While there have been a number of different iterations of the character, this series is the first and only one thus far to have a female don the Shield persona. The Shield is very much a bona fide American hero and actually debuted several months before the most well known American Comic Patriot, Captain America. )