Written by: Sterling Gates

Art by: Bengal

Publisher: DC Comics

Jumping straight out of the TV series, we have a delightful new digital first offering from DC this week in the form of a Supergirl.

The series takes place in the same universe as CBS’ latest hit show and encompasses all the fun of the tv show in 10 or so short pages. The creative team of the first ‘issue’ is one of pure pedigree and if they can keep them on this series for a sustained period of time, this could turn out to be another digital first gem.

Being so short it is very hard to fit a story in that makes complete sense to both a casual interested reader that hasn’t seen the show, and one that has seen the TV series so far (including the reshuffling of episodes 4 & 5), however the artist and writer both do a great job of mashing these two together and setting it apart from the TV show. The use of thought balloons works perfectly here to tell the short background of our fresh superhero, while doing a great job of saying what has happened in the show so far.

The story itself is a little vague but that doesn’t matter as for someone that is used to reading digital firsts, it usually takes a few to figure out the bigger picture, so being thrust in to Supergirl mid-fight should be nothing to deter you from this series and keeping you from returning to #2 next week especially as the mini issue ends on a great cliffhanger.

With Gates on the series for the foreseeable future and a talented roster of artists on this arc and upcoming arcs, this could be another great digital first series for fans of the character whether or not you watch the show. I highly recommend downloading a copy of this as we could be in for a wild ride with budgetless special effects 😉