Aliens vs. Predator: Fire and Stone #3 Review

Written by: Christopher Sebela

Art by: Ariel Olivetti

Publisher: Dark Horse

The Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone series has been a crazy ride thus far, and Issue 3 continues the trend of high violence, tension, blood, and closeup mutilation. But Issue 3 is more than a continuation; no, it’s the final hand where all the cards are put onto the table. It’s next issue where we find out the winner of this insane game.

Francis is the only human left alive, there’s a mutated super predator walking around, Elden continues to morph and twist into something grotesque, Xenomorphs are everywhere, and one normal predator stalks the halls.

AvP:FaS is interesting in that there are no characters to root for. The Xenomorphs are instinctual rage monsters and little else. The lone predator is bent on killing and hunting because that’s what lone predators do. Francis betrayed Elden because he’s a coward, and Elden betrayed everyone when the mutagen took hold of him.

No one deserves to win, and no one is looking for redemption.

As a reader, this puts me in a strange spot. I’m reading and enjoying, but I don’t actually care who winds up being the last thing alive on board the graveyard of ships that is acting as an arena. I’ve grown cold and apathetic towards everyone.

Elden is betrayed by the Xenomorphs he thought were his friends, and the half android half monster is really just a tragic child in all of this. He doesn’t understand anything and is only acting on emotion. He has a breakdown near the end, but I still couldn’t manage to feel bad for him.

Francis is still bent on saving himself despite all of the pain he’s caused. He’s still willing to sacrifice Elden to do that. If anything, he’s colder than I am to everyone’s fate.

The aliens (Xenomorphs, predator, and super predator) are too alien to truly understand. I couldn’t hope to place their motives.

AvP:FaS is telling a story of five monsters on board a ship with nothing but civilians in their way. Well, all of those civilians are dead now, and it’s up to the monsters to finish each other off. I’m curious to see who will win, but only on a cursory level.