All Star Batman #6 Review

Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by: Jock & Matt Hollingsworth

Published by: DC

All Star Batman #6 is a very, very interesting read. In some ways it feels like Scott Snyder is drawing from his work on A.D.; telling a story with prose while being backed up by an excellent art team. Unfortunately, I don’t know that it works quite as well here as it does in A.D.

That isn’t to say that the writing and art are any worse. In fact, I find Snyder’s writing here to be excellent. And this should come as a surprise to no one, but Jock’s art is outstanding. His style remains one of the most unique in the business, and with Matt Hollingsworth on colors, All Star Batman #6 looks incredible.

The problem here is that, unlike in A.D., the prose and comics aren’t separated from one another. In some ways, this feels like a disservice to the medium of comics. In others, it feels like a sweet experiment that tosses out traditional conventions of what a comic should be.

And honestly? I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.

I’m all for messing with the medium, and All Star Batman #6 subverts traditional expectations, especially considering it’s coming out of DC–clearly Snyder has far more clout there than anyone else. He’s pretty much the only writer that gets to do stuff like this. Of course, it does have to be with a character that people like.

Honestly, my biggest problem with this issue may very well be that it feels very much like the “Batgod” take on Batman. And yeah, that lends itself to some absolutely badass panels, which Jock handles incredibly well. But Batman just figuring everything out with ease doesn’t make for good storytelling.

On the other hand, I really like how Snyder writes Freeze. It may not be consistent with how he’s written him in the past, but this issue really does feel like an Elseworlds story. Regardless, despite Freeze definitely being the villain here, Snyder captures his humanity. And when it comes down to it, Freeze is actually a pretty relatable character. Whenever a writer delivers on that, it’s pretty incredible.

Somehow, I’ve reached this point in the review and have only mentioned Jock’s art in passing. As per usual, he delivers some of the best art in the business. His style is super unique, and I really love his line work. Plus, Matt Hollingsworth on colors really accentuates the work that Jock is doing.

Overall, I think All Star Batman #6 is an improvement from the first arc (although I think that will read much better in trade). Some of the conventions fall a bit flat, I think, but at least Snyder and co try to push the envelope a bit.