Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review

Written by: Dan Slott

Art by: Oliver Coipel

Publisher: Marvel

Continuing on from its strong start last month Spider-Verse continues in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man showcasing exactly how event comics should be; fun, epic and just an all-round good time.

While I may be bias in this regard, my absolute favourite part of this issue was the return of Otto as the Superior Spider-Man. SpOck’s inclusion in this issue certainly shakes up the story as he remains just as arrogant and entertaining as ever. Seeing his team of Spider-Man he’s been building since Edge of Spider-Verse come into the story leads to some great pay-off for people who read that series and allows for some terrific action in the vein of the traditional Superior Spider-Man style. Given the ending it certainly seems like he’ll be further impacting the story and things will only get more explosive from here.

Outside of the glory of SpOck (hey this is my review I can be as bias as I like!) Slott continue to craft a strong tale that plays to his strengths. There’s still a lot of humour here which is pulled off perfectly alongside all the epic superhero action. Another interesting trait Slott plays to is his penchant for continuity and playing the long game; there’s a lot of interesting stuff from Slott’s previous work and even classic Spider-Man comics that come into play here yet somehow Slott manages to balance it all expertly and keep the story faced pace and fun despite all the stuff he throws at you. There’s simply a lot of content packed into this issue and it’s executed extremely well by Slott.

The only element I don’t think works as well is the rapid amount of set-up for tie-in comics towards the end of the issue. I understand this is standard for event comics but it’s still a little bit of a shame that there’s so many interesting things going on in this issue that most of the conclusions will be featured in other comics. It breaks the flow of the pace towards the end and feels a little bit cheap.

Oliver Coipel’s art remains as excellent as the first issue, his cinematic style just fits perfectly with the grandiose story making for one damn fine looking comic. His action scenes manage to look dynamic and exciting and never once looks rushed even with large numbers of Spider-Men filling the page at the same time. It’s absolutely outstanding art that this story really needed.

Overall, Spider-Verse is giving all the other events going on right now a run for their money and shows how to do something like this right. While it may not be perfect, the quality of this event is undeniable and should be checked out by any fan of Spider-Man.