Amazing Spider-Man #6 Review

Written by: Dan Slott

Art by: Humberto Ramos

Publisher: Marvel

While I’ve found the opening arc of the relaunched “Amazing Spider-Man” series to be a little lower quality than usual, and a step back from the heights of “Superior Spider-Man”, I’m pleased to say that the arc manages to end on a high note which has reinvigorated my excitement for the book.

One thing Dan Slott excels at when it comes to writing Spider-Man comics is the fun he injects into the story, crucial when writing Peter Parker, this trait is on full display in this issue and the energy and humour leap right off the page. The humour is present from the very beginning as Slott provides us with an amusing resolution to last issue’s cliff-hanger which manages to both be entertaining and perfectly in character for this series.

What further adds to the fun tone of the book is the banter between Peter and his new partner Silk (Cindy Moon). Her power set is unique enough from Peter’s to avoid being a simple “Spider-Man but a girl” type character and her personality plays well off of Spidey’s during the action scenes. She’s certainly a lot more successful than the last sidekick Slott introduced to the series (no don’t try to remember his name!). My only critique of the pair is the romantic relationship Slott seems to be forcing between them; while they share great chemistry when the masks are on there’s very little reason outside of some contrived “spider nature” as to why these too are so into one another. What makes the situation even worse is that Ock’s almost-fiancé Anna Maria is still in the picture, so it makes Peter seem like a bit of an insensitive jerk when he makes out with someone he literally just met while what could have been his wife his still around.

I don’t think this book would be the same where it not for the excellent talents of Humberto Ramos, his style just oozes character and energy making ever page feel exciting and the exaggerated reactions of the characters make every humorous moment all the more impactful. I’m glad Ramos has been the only artist on the relaunched series so far, he gels perfectly with the tone Slott is setting with his writing making every issue feel like a Saturday morning cartoon. In an age when fill-in artists are becoming ever more present at Marvel it’s great to see some consistency with this series.

Overall, while I have personally been a little disappointed with the “back to formula” approach to this series following the great shake-ups “Superior” brought to the book, it seems that Dan Slott has finally found his footing when it comes to writing Amazing Spider-Man again. While the portrayal of Peter can sometimes seem a little naïve and almost a step-backwards after the advancements Doc Ock made of his life, I’ll admit it’s great to see the fun loving web slinger back in action. With some new status quos for the main cast laid out and some interesting plot threads to pick up on in the future, not to mention the highly anticipated “Spider-Verse” on the horizon, I’m excited to see where Slott takes the series. I just hope he continues to take risks and challenge the readers’ expectations rather than simply give fans what they want.