Another Step Forward For the New 52

In 2011, with The New 52 relaunch, Superman’s character took a massive hit. None of the writers who were on the character, including the revered Grant Morrison, could quite get the character 100% right. As the New 52 continued, things got worse, with Morrison leaving Action Comics, and Scott Lobdell taking over the main title for an extended period. Fast forward to the beginning of summer 2013, and we get Scott Snyder and Jim Lee on a Superman book. It seemed that this was just what the character needed. Batman/Superman, penned by Greg Pak, was the next great Superman book to join the line up, and was followed by Charles Soule and Tony Daniel’s Superman/Wonder Woman, before Pak booked up the reigns of Action Comics, along with Aaron Kuder.

And now, DC has turned their gaze to the big title: Superman. It was recently announced that acclaimed artist John Romita Jr (Captain America) would be coming onboard the book, which seemed great, except for the fact that Scott Lobdell would still be writing the book. However, we’ve gotten some great news, and we’ve finally found what Geoff Johns‘ (Green Lantern, Batman: Earth One) next book is going to be. After his departure from both Green Lantern and Aquaman earlier this year, he will be picking up the reigns of Superman along with John Romita Jr. Johns has had some experience with writing Superman before, doing a brief run on Action Comics pre-New 52, and of course in his work on Justice League and his numerous events. Hopefully it isn’t too late to turn this book around!

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