Apple Unveils iOS 8 At WWDC

iOS 8 has officially been revealed by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

This operating system update, due for release on iPhone and iPad, brings many changes to Apple’s popular operating system, including an all-new Health app. Health will track important information like weight, activity levels, and chronic medical conditions. Health can tie into the Mayo Clinic app and has the option to contact medical professionals if your readings seem abnormal.

One other main change for iOS 8 is the introduction of active notifications. With this feature, iOS users have the ability to respond to notifications without opening the app that created the notification. Other notifications, like text messages, can be responded to in different ways with the new iOS update. Instead of worrying about texting an answer on the phone, users can tap a button and record an audio message that will play back on the other person’s phone.

Probably the largest update for iOS 8 is the introduction of family sharing, which links Apple id’s and allows up to six family members to share iTunes content on their devices.

iOS 8 should be released to users this fall, which is Apple’s normal procedure.