Batman #1 Sells 350K, beating Black Panther for highest selling issue of the year

Posted June 22, 2016 by Adeem Khan in Comic Books

Tom King is one of the most critically acclaimed and fan beloved comic writer at the moment and Batman has always been DC’s most popular book. With Batman getting its only third #1 and Tom King writing it, it was bound to sell big and smash records. Tom King has announced on Word Balloon that Batman #1 has sold around 350,000 copies. This is a massive success for DC and Tom King.

For Comparison (All numbers from Diamond):

  • Black Panther #1 was previously the best selling issue of the year at around 253,000 copies sold.
  • DC Universe Rebirth sold around 235,000 copies.
  • Batman #1 back in 2011 sold 188,000 copies.

We here at We The Nerdy definitely believe the success is well deserved for Batman #1. I praised the art and writing and gave the issue a 9.5/10. Taking a break from all the good news, there is also some bad news. Tom King also announced on the World Balloon podcast that The Omega Men #12 was the lowest selling DC book of the year.

For more on DC’s success check out our article on the phenomenal sales of Green Arrow: Rebirth. For more on Tom King chat about comics, check out Word Balloon with John Siuntres.

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