Bowen Ultimate Captain America Statue (Variant Version)



With Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming to theaters relatively soon, I thought I would also review this Captain America Statue from Bowen Designs. These polystone statues from Bowen are typically 12-15 inches, depending on the size of the character and this Ultimate Captain America statue is about 13.5 inches tall. The particular version of the statue is actually the Bowen Designs website exclusive and differs from the original version by having Cap face a different direction, have the shield on his left arm instead of on his back and have metallic paint. The design is fairly detailed, having a good amount of detail on his uniform, boots, gloves and accessories, which by comparison is much more detailed than the Winter Soldier statue I also reviewed. The paint while being metallic is not too bright, which might have been too distracting, and actually fits the character very well as this version of Cap is generally more exaggerated to begin with. It is worth noting that among the statue collecting community this statue is known to have many issues with the paint job and on occasion some chipping. The statue that I purchased for the most part does not suffer from these issues but on the right boot there are sections where the red paint bled over to his leg a bit, as well as a very small chip on the same boot. The rest of the my statue looks fantastic and seems to have been very carefully painted in the upper body, especially on Caps face where other’s have reported blue paint bleeding from the mask onto his face. The paint job on the shield is particularly impressive, beautifully colored and having a very great metallic sheen to it.


As I mentioned in my previous review, these Bowen statues do not typically come with accessories or add-ons, generally it is just a base and the figure itself. Here you can see the base which also has great detailing, having matte black coloring with bronze accents on the American eagle detail that look great, it’s a simple yet very effective base.


Base with bronze accents


Unfortunately this statue is no longer available from the Bowen designs website or from retailers but can actually be found fairly easily on EBay or collector communities. This statue had a much larger production run of 1380 produced examples while the original version only had a run of 500 making it much harder to find and a much more expensive purchase second hand.


Original version