Brubaker and Phillips’ Criminal Will be Returning to Print

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ critically acclaimed Criminal series will be returning to print in January, courtesy of Image Comics. This means that trade paperbacks of the anthology series will once again be in print. In addition, a 48 page one shot of the series will be coming out as well, complete with its own magazine variant. The summary is as follows:

It’s 1976, and Teeg Lawless is doing 30 days in county jail with a price on his head; his only safe company from the savagery: a beat-up old comic magazine his dead cellmate left behind. It’s CRIMINAL like you’ve never seen it before, with a comic within the comic and all those slick ‘70s thrills!


Brubaker had the following to say about Criminal’s return:

We’ve been planning the return of CRIMINAL for the past year, and I couldn’t let the launch go by without returning to our underworld for a new story. With FATALE and THE FADE OUT, we’ve been hearing from a lot of new readers, so it couldn’t be a better time to get the thing we’re most known for back on the shelves.

The Criminal One Shot will be available on the 28th of January next year.